Risk Management Service.

Use a risk based approach to select the right security in the right places for your business.

What is Risk Management Service?.

Assessing and managing risk has become a priority for many organisations, and with an ever-changing threat landscape, vulnerabilities and the requirement to be compliant with regulations, it can be challenging to get it right. TDS can help you implement a Risk Management Framework to assessing and managing organisational risk for both your new and legacy information systems.


Risk assessment services to identify threats, vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies to protect your critical assets. Using industry frameworks such as the NIST RMF lifecycle approach.

The TDS approach is based on industry practice and includes:

  • Preparation activities to carry out essential activities at the organisation, mission and business process, and information system levels of the organisation to help prepare the organisation to manage its security and privacy risks using the Risk Management Framework.
  • Categorizing information systems and the information within those systems based on impact.
  • Selecting an initial set of security and privacy controls for the systems and minimum-security requirements.
  • Implementing security and privacy controls in the systems.
  • Assessing the security controls using methods and procedures to determine the extent to which the controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended and producing the desired outcomes with respect to meeting security requirements for the system.
  • Authorising information systems operation based on a determination of the risk to organisational operations and assets, or to individuals resulting from the operation of the systems, and the decision that this risk is acceptable.
  • Monitoring and assessing selected security controls in information systems on a continuous basis, including documenting changes to the systems, conducting security-impact analyses of the associated changes, and reporting the security status of the systems to appropriate organisational officials on a regular basis.

The result is an approach that allows a company to easily determine which systems or applications present the highest risk if security breaches occur and to ensure the right level of protection is applied and maintained.

Helping you to make informed risk decisions by avoiding implementing unnecessary security controls and identifying critical assets that are under protected. Thereby focusing your budget, resources, time and effort in the right areas.


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