Advanced Threat Hunting Service.

Advanced threat hunting techniques are now an essential tool and practice required by all organizations with digital assets of value.

Assumption of Breach.

In a digitally connected world the assumption of protection (castle and moat approach) is an out of date mindset. Today an assumption of breach is the most effective and pragmatic model for securing your business. Furthermore, you can longer wait for alerts to tell you about an intrusion from a passive SOC service, because by then it may be too late. With the average mean-time-to-identify a breach being 197 days (Ponemon Institute), do you really want to wait that long (or longer) to learn your business has been breached and risk reputational, financial damage?

Threat Hunting.

Active threat hunting services that move beyond passive intrusion detection by utilising experts who are constantly and systematically searching for activity that may be signs of compromise, intrusion, or exfiltration of data. Using our intelligent tools that give deep granular visibility into your infrastructure.

Our Active Threat Hunting services are the next level in detection. Turn the tables on attackers by combining expert human knowledge and best of breed technology to proactively expose and disrupt hidden threats with our managed detection and response service (MDR).

MDR provides 24/7 detection and incident response against threats in your IT and cloud environments. For organisations with an existing Security Operations Center (SOC), the MDR service augments the in-house SOC. For organisations that do not have a SOC, the MDR service incorporates a SOC service and provides value that is not typically available in standard SOC offerings from many other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s) or vanilla service as a SOC providers.

Built upon leading Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, Managed SOC Service provides continuous monitoring, vulnerability management and incident handling. This critical security layer is further enhanced by the MDR Service, which offers improved detection of breaches and faster response, utilizing in part a high degree of automation. The MDR service leverages a machine learning based Big Data Analytics platform, the latest endpoint detection technology and a response automation framework. The MDR Service is ideal for organizations facing a significant level of risk and a need to mitigate against security compromises in the shortest possible time, or those wishing to decrease the high load on their own SOC, thus allowing internal resources to be deployed more effectively and improving overall efficiency.

Organisations that are already operating a SOC can benefit from the MDR service in several ways:

  • The MDR service can help catch security incidents that the SOC may be missing due to technology limitations e.g. limited Big Data, machine learning and analytics capabilities or lack of properly trained security staff.
  • Security teams sometimes choose not to collect certain classes of high volume. Security data due to the price tag associated with licensing schemes in certain security products. The MDR service can be utilised to process this data cost-effectively.

Our MDR Service pro-actively and rapidly detects known, unknown and targeted threats, ensuring potential damage to sensitive resources is limited. Our advanced detection capability is powered by:

  • Threat Intelligence helps automate threat detection processes.
  • User Behavior Analytics play a critical role in uncovering insider threats.
  • Active Defense provides automated response.
  • Threat Hunting detects targeted and zero-day attacks.

Cybersecurity experts perform 24/7 monitoring of your network and cloud environment to detect threats and quickly move to response and mitigation mode in case a threat is detected. Response and mitigation activities are performed remotely. MDR service is delivered through a cloud based SOC eliminating the need for investing in expensive hardware. Compliance policies such as PCI and HIPAA can easily be implemented using security controls and practices.

  • Real-time security event management and analysis.
  • Security incident response.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Malware analysis.
  • Log management and storage.
  • Remote incident investigation and response.


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