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Trinity Digital Security specialises in affordable security consultancy and managed cybersecurity services.

Trinity Digital

TDS provides premium services while remaining affordable, particularly when compared to in-house solutions, and enable organisations to focus upon their core business operations, whilst we deliver round-the-clock protection and security services.


We have combination of onshore experienced consultants ready to be scaled to your needs, backed by a specialist offshore 24/7 team of 180 highly skilled security researchers, engineers and analysts.

Our model is particularly attractive for small to mid-size organisations. SMBs are increasingly turning to managed security services like ours for a number of reasons. Chief among these are the growing number of threats, complexities of modern digital environments and regulatory requirements obliging businesses to secure data.
TDS can help you particularly if do not typically employ full-time security specialists or are constrained by budget limitations. We can address the issues of shortage of expertise, lack of time and limited financial resources with our services which we will finely tune to your needs. And if you need to build an in-house security team then our recruitment expertise based on actual industry experience can help their too.

We pay especially careful attention to tailoring services within your budget, quality service delivery, constant communication and reporting built to your requirements.
If you think we can be of service to you, would like to find out more, or arrange a free consultation, please contact us.

We Have.

A comprehensive range of affordable security consultancy and managed services.



TDS can deliver round-the-clock security services and protection.


security researchers

Combination of onshore and offshore highly skilled security consultants, researchers, engineers and analysts.


Established company with 10 years history.
Risk Reduction
Our security solutions and services can save you money, prevent incidents and loss to your business as well as promote a sense of security and confidence to your business, stakeholders and customers.

Tailored to You

With our range of security solutions you can quickly take advantage of a range of options to suit your needs and have the service tailored to you.


Our services can be more affordable than hiring your own staff which can be expensive. As a partner enjoy access to expert services but for less cost.


Furthermore as your security partner we can offer an independent perspective on the security posture of your organization and help maintain a system of checks and balances with your in-house personnel.

Easy scalability

As your business grows so will your infrastructure and risks. We make scaling easy for you. Our flexible security solutions can easily adapt to the changing needs of your business. Let us concentrate full time on your security enabling you to focus full time on your business.

Instant Expertise

You immediately get the benefit of skilled and trained professionals and technology working to keep your business safe and secure. Security technologies and tools are far more effective when they are managed and monitored by skilled security professionals.

Improved Communications to
Your Stakeholders

Our expertise helps translate complex technical issues into business related matters. So that you can report threats and vulnerabilities in way that helps you make an informed decision about managing risks.

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Our service can report near real-time results, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This is a large contrast with an in-house security staff that may only operate during normal business hours.

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+44 (0) 203 587 7870

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